Marquis Hawkes @ Shades, Watergate, Berlin – 25th July 2018

Marquis Hawkes should be no stranger to those of you into quality house music, but perhaps it could be. I’m not entirely sure how “educated” (gosh what an awful phrase) my few readers are.

He’s been producing decent house music for some years now, perhaps most notably Sealion Woman, releasing on the likes of Aus Music and Houndstooth, and has two great albums out – both Social Housing and The Marquis Of Hawkes are well worth a purchase.

So perhaps he is less well-known as a DJ, but this set firmly shows why I and you should take more notice of him, assuming you like your house music.

Starting quite deep, going into one of my favourite house tracks of the moment, Remember by Javonntte – it becomes a really rather bouncy, happy house music mix for a good 2.5 hours – occasionally rather piano-happy in fact.

Definitely a put it on at a summer BBQ kind of house mix.

And the mix is really sealed with him playing Cinthie’s remix of Brawn by JVXTA – how that track is not absolutely massive, I have no idea.

Enjoyment rating of 8.15.

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