Dana Ruh – Modu:lar 14

Dana Ruh is nowadays one of my favourite DJs, up there with Barac, Julietta and Ricardo. I’ve featured her once before, and this mix is actually older – from 2017.

Yet the fact that it is from 2017 and I only just have the urge to write about it, shows that it has properties of a classic. It isn’t a mix that I’ve only just discovered – it is one that I keep rediscovering.

I have to be honest and say that I don’t know any of the tracks in this mix from Dana Ruh. I haven’t even heard of the artists that Mixcloud suggests – such as Canson, G-Pal or Red Pig Flower. Maybe Mixcloud are just making those names up?

I mention this because Dana Ruh is clearly one to really dig and find some lesser-known grooves – I think I know my shit as an amatuer, but Dana Ruh shows what a professional selector really can do.

The mix itself is an hour of groovy, understated house. It doesn’t really get out of second gear, but that is exactly where I want to be – and that last track is just…emotional power.

Also worth mentioning that the sound quality is good – you can feel the bass properly. This is not always the case, as I’m sure you are aware.

Enjoyment rating of 8.15. This is a really damn fine mix and you’ll be coming back to it in 3 years too, I hope.

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