K!D Chriss @ Sunwaves 18

It was a close call between two mixes this week as to who gets the call, but I’ve gone for the relatively unknown DJ (he was to me prior to this week) with almost no recognisable tracks.

I do listen to plenty of these Romanian minimal mixes nowadays, and given their laidback hypnotic style, they are not engineered to stand out.

But around the 23 minute mark, the music goes all squelchy-crunchy as if a giant is trampling through a field of crops (ID please!!!) and from then on the mix was repeated over and over, until it was a clear winner – despite the other contender for DJ Mix Of The Week having more ‘moments’.

And gosh, don’t I wish I had been at Sunwaves, where this was recorded.

K!D Chriss @ Sunwaves 18 by Algorhythm on Mixcloud

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