Julietta – Fasten Musique Podcast 12/09/2016

So I’m repeating myself again. Julietta. Arguably the best DJ in the world right now. Well, I’m going to argue that.

She is consistently on point with her underground, yet very groovy house selections.

Occasionally veering off into other directions – minimal at times, deep and dubby at others. Melody is never far away such as during 21 by Mark & Leo, or the ‘spare can of beans‘ track – you know the one, surely?!

And she introduced me to the wonderfully moody yet joyful Punk Mother Fucker by Transparent Sound.

There are a couple of fuck-ups during the mix but don’t let that put you off what is a truly excellent journey through underground minimal-influenced house music, by a true master. One day, everyone will realise just how fantastic she is.

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